About Our Law Firm

At Brian Blignaut Attorneys("BBA") we are proud to be one of the top law firms in South Africa. Brian Blignaut Attorneys was founded in 2003 and practicing as such from Alberton, Gauteng Province in the Republic of South Africa. Our professional team consists of Brian Blignaut (Attorney), Sunet Joubert (Attorney), Sasha Pillay (Attorney), Anneke Steenkamp (Attorney / Call Centre Manager).

We Hold the
National Quality

The professional staff of Brian Blignaut Attorneys are constantly researching current and developing legislation and community interests which enhances the firm's ability to provide our clients with business orientated efficient results, advice and assistance.

The law firm has produced a legal team which draws together the expertise and knowledge of attorneys, auditors, IT experts, debt collectors and consultant, and is complemented by substantial investment in training and cutting edge technology.

The difference we offer is rooted in a proactive approach in which our team is well aware that the road to success is paved with cost-effective results.

The integration of these resources and capabilities means that we are able to provide innovative legal services of the highest quality at economical rates.

Our law firm is agile, responsive and large enough to handle numerous matters while providing personalized service to consistently create meaningful, memorable experiences for employees and clients.

We understand that the more expeditiously and effectively we are able to resolve matters, the more satisfied our client will be. Contact us for assistance.

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