The importance of family law

To truly understand the importance of family law one needs to first understand what family law is. Family law is a type of law that deals specifically with legal matters that involve family relationships examples of which would be, divorce, adoption, child support and child custody. Not that your know what family laws is we can let's discuss why family law is important and where it can help with family-related legal issues.

Family law in marriage

Marriage, union of two people as partners into a personal relationship. The legal definition of the word is as beautiful as the act itself. But there are legal matters regarding marriage that must be discussed by the soon-to-wed couple specifically issues with the regards to the hopefully slim chance of the couple divorcing. Family law attorneys can help you and your betrothed come to an agreement with whether or not to have a prenuptial contract or marriage in community or property.

Family law in divorce

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, family law attorneys who specialise in divorce can help both parties come to a hopefully fair settlement agreement all in an effort to in order to avoid a trial. Family law attorneys can help with the dividing marital property as well as calculating spousal support otherwise known as alimony.

Family law is not only limited to matters regarding marriage. Child custody disputes also fall under family law. As well as emancipation, paternity, and adoption terms we will now go through.

To ensure that a child whose parents do not live together grows up in a stable environment a custody agreement must be made between the parents. Custody disputes are not limited to parents but other family members can attempt to claim custody of the child but trying to attain guardianship.

Emancipation is the legal process a minor goes through in order to be set free from control by their parents or guardians. This process of rid the parents or guardians of any and all responsibility with regards to the minor’s health and well-being which he or she will have the adult responsibility for.

The process of adoption can sometimes be very hard and long. Family law specialists can make this process easier and possibly faster.

If you have any legal matters with regards to family law or other types of law such as Commercial Litigation, Company Law, Contract Law, Conveyancing, Debt Collection, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Liquidation, Sequestration, Business Rescue, Debt Review, Tax Law and Estate Planning, and the Road Accident Fund come to Brian Blignaut Attorneys.

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