BBA Call Centre

BBA Call Centre offers a unique variety of debt collection strategies, tools and resources to satisfy our client's debt collection requirements.

BBA Call Centre is managed by an experienced Collections Attorney that utilizes and applies legal principles to ensure a harsher debt collection approach that results into immediate legal action by BBA Legal.

The flawless synergy between BBA Call Centre and BBA Legal ensures that no matter will ever be left unattended, no extra information is required from a client once a matter proceeds to BBA Legal and that no debtor will be allowed to default on payments without severe legal consequences. Time is money and with the approach in BBA Call Centre, we ensure that debtors pay their debts faster than any other collection process available.

Services offered by BBA Call Centre
  • Call Centre collections ( No Fee – No Collection basis)
  • Listing of debtors on all major credit bureaus, affecting debtor's credit worthiness and ultimately enforcing payment.
  • Mass printing of letters of demand, Section 57 and Section 58 consent to judgment, Summonses and Default Judgments.
  • Field agents attend to the delivery of documentation to debtors to ensure that judgments are obtained or emolument attachment orders are implemented against the salary of a debtor.

NuDebt Management (Pty) Ltd

NuDebt Management (Pty) Ltd is a payment solutions and debt collection company and is able to provide further collection options.

The following services are provided by NuDebt Management (Pty) Ltd:

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