When the Web and the Law Collide: 21st Century Challenges

Many factors of life and business have been somewhat turned on their head thanks to the advent of the world-wide-web; and they continue to do so without any real sign of slowing down. This has led those who are leaders in the law industry to have to rework the way they approach their business, how they practice, and even how they market their firms to prospective clients. Our world is in an ever-constant state of flux, which has only been intensified by the internet, so it is no surprise that savvy law-firms have had to become as intimate with these changes as they possibly could.

The net has intensified competition

For much of its existence before the internet came and changed things up, the law industry was one characterised by fairly insulated competition. This could be the result of a gap in knowledge between them and their prospective clients which makes a semi-professional seem more knowledgeable than they may actually be, since the client has no real way of assessing the quality of their service. Now with Google around and the ability to find out just about anything regarding the nature of your case, how best it is handled, and how well the legal firm performs, this is all changing; which means lawyers have to pay a bit more attention to marketing than they used to, especially on digital mediums.

The internet has made things more transparent

In the past, transparency in the field of law was always a bit of a problem for prospective clients, since the information that they needed to be able to make informed choices was simply nowhere to be found. The internet, its ability to create stronger competition, and its usefulness for finding information has led to many law firms having to develop better principles of transparency, and has also given clients a bit more buying power, and the ability to assess the credibility of a firm with greater ease.

The internet has led to new types of cases

The law itself has had to take a couple of turns thanks to the internet, specifically where personal privacy is concerned. New platforms, developments and technologies are constantly coming out and making changes in the world, and as a society we need to adapt to these changes. One such way to do this on a bigger scale is to develop laws surrounding their usage; though in many cases where new technology interferes with life, cases aren’t always black and white.

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